About Linux-IrDA Project

Welcome to the Linux-IrDA project. The overall goal of this project is to make an implementation of the IrDATM standards specifications for the Linux kernel. The code is licensed under the GNU Public licence (GPL) and is now included in Linux-2.2.x and Linux 2.4.x kernel series.

Why IrDA? IrDA is simply much more fun than other technologies! Put your hand in the beam and watch your adaptive applications do their best.

IrDATM (Infrared Data Association) is an industry standard for infrared wireless communication. Most laptops sold today are equipped with an IrDA compliant infrared transceiver, which enables you to communicate with devices such as printers, modems, fax, LAN, and other laptops. Speeds range from 2400bps-4Mbps.

Project History

The project started at the end of 1997 with the name Linux/IrDA. Due to some troubles with the name IrDA, which is trademarked by the Infrared Data Association IrDA, the name was changed to Linux/IR. At the end of 1998 the the relationship between both became better and the name was changed to Linux/IrDA again. Since February 1999 the project is an official member of IrDA.

Please notice that although we are a member of IrDA, the Linux-IrDA protocol stack is not certified by IrDA! (but this is definitively one of our future goals). Go here to see what IrDA themselves has written about us.

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