Linux-IrDA project members and contributors has released various files, packages and patches for kernel space IrDA stack and user spaces utilities. Please announce the webmaster if you contributed something and want to be put on project FTP area. That way everyone will have quick access to software resources.

SourceForge Download Area

This zone list all released packages for Linux-IrDA Project. Currently it include irda-utils and smcinit. Binaries packages are available as RPM.

IrDA Utils

Package which consist from user space utilities which control IrDA stack and a bunch of little programs serving as examples and tools for IrDA applications.
  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=5616 (current releases)

Here are some old releases if you insist running old kernel versions.
  http://irda.sourceforge.net/ftp/irda-utils/ (old releases)


Here are some drivers for various IrDA hardware found mostly on laptops. Note that some ones may not function 100% properly and may not have proper documentation. We hope soon this will change and may be you can contribute if you feel.
  http://irda.sourceforge.net/ftp/drivers/ (may be outdated)

Kernel Patches

Lot of kernel patches from ancient Linux-IrDA to present. You can build your own bleeding edge custom kernel, play with your toy, find bugs, fix them and make your own patches available here.
  http://irda.sourceforge.net/ftp/patches/ (old patches)

Note that above patches are manualy downloaded and organized from the list found on Jean Tourrilhes's IrDA page at:
  http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/IrDA/IrDA.html (current patches)

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