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 2003-07-24   Site update and new development irda-utils 0.9.16 package

There are lot of new things on the site. The Status page have now sections more easily to follow. On Documentation, even if first page is yet not finished, the Starting IrDA, Communicating and Advanced are now fully revamped.

FTP area was synchronized with latest patches from Jean's IrDA page and new development irda-utils packages are available. Stick on irda-utils 0.9.16-pre6.

 2003-07-13   SMCINIT package launched

At least users of Toshiba laptop with SMC-IrCC IrDA subsystem will be happy. This package bundle the hack utilities made by Daniele Peri and Rob Miller and now the IrDA will work out of the box with this package. Please read more on the SMCINIT home page: http://irda.sourceforge.net/smcinit/

 2003-07-12   Site improved structure and design

Lot of improvements on the site. I tried to recover for more than on year of inactivity. Here are the changes:

  • News sections. Yes, you read it!
  • Site map to easy the navigation and overall look on site; updated "Credits" section; "Download" sections is more easy to follow
  • Desisgn was changed a bit and even the site structure; sectional icons are "borrowed" from SVG Crystal theme by Everaldo.
I hope you enjoy the new changes!
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